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THE COLBERT REPORT Writers: Seize The Mustard
Thu January 24, 2013
8:00pm EST
307 W. 26th St.
New York, NY 10001


THE COLBERT REPORT Writers: Seize The Mustard


Every so often, the writers of The Colbert Report emerge from their burrows and, eyes blinking back the light, make their way to the stage. There, they toss aside their pencils to perform a completely improvised long-form show, and hopefully win the grand prize and save the puppy orphanage. If you love late night television, but can’t operate a TV due to amishness or other malady, this is the show for you.

Eric Drysdale
Meredith Scardino
Tom Purcell
Gabe Gronli
Cece Lederer
Barry Julien
Michael Brumm
Opus Moreschi
Jay Katsir
Rob Dubbin
Scott Sherman
Max Werner