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Vacation Jason's Island Flavors
Moustache Man: Confessions of a Graffiti Artist
Fri December 7, 2012
7:30pm EST
307 W. 26th St.
New York, NY 10001


Vacation Jason's Island Flavors

Vacation Jason (The World's #1 Vacation Expert, The Chris Gethard Show) has been dazzling audiences on cruise ships for years. But after enough tropical drinks, hammock naps, and trips to the beach for two lifetimes, he found a new love for performing on the world-famous UCB stage.  Vacation Jason has crafted his many Island Flavors of entertainment into a sampler platter of his most delicious comedy entrees. Are you ready to go on vacation?

Written by & starring Riley Soloner
Featuring Phillip Jackson, Tom Levin, Joel Weidl, Michelle Onufrak, and Nicole Pasquale
Video by Casey Donahue
Directed by Frank Hejl



Moustache Man: Confessions of a NYC Graffiti Artist


For over a year, Patrick Waldo scrawled his "moustache" tag on countless advertisements around New York City, entertaining commuters and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

After a three month investigation, the NYPD put an end to his spree when they arrested Waldo under felony charges of graffiti, criminal mischief, and fucking shit up.

A revealing and humorous look into the secretive world of graffiti, “Moustache Man: Confessions of a Graffiti Artist” explores the ego of a street art newbie who became one of the city’s most prolific taggers.

Written by and Starring Patrick Waldo
Featuring Jared Hacker and Matt McGorry
Directed by Nate Dern and John Flynn