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The Chris Gethard Show Heads to the Just For Laughs Festival in Chicago

<p>Congratulations to The Chris Gethard Show for being accepted to Chicago\'s Just For Laughs Festival. Here\'s a message from Gethard himself about this epic event:

<p>\"A few months back the organizer of the alternative comedy programming wing of the Just for Laughs festival in Chicago got in touch with me. He wanted to know if The Chris Gethard Show would like to travel to the Windy City to do back to back midnight shows on Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th. I immediately said yes.
Why? Well first of all, it\'s a cool ass festival and everyone involved in the show is psyched to be a part of it.

<p>Secondly, it finally allows us to prove once and for all something that I have always thought and now have the chance to prove - <b>NEW YORK IS BETTER THAN CHICAGO.</b>

<p>They say Chicago is the city for comedy. It has the lineage, the history, the proven track record. My response? BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

<P>We\'re rolling in from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City, Chicago. Consider yourself \"on blast\". Sometimes people forget the simple fact that <b>New York is the best at everything and there isn\'t a single aspect of life in Chicago that is better than New York. We have better sports teams, better pizza, and a better public transportation system. The only one I *might* give you is that the John G. Shedd aquarium is better than the aquarium at Coney Island. But if that\'s the best you got, I\'m pretty confident about the above statements.</b>

<p>I\'m willing to put my money, my physical well being, and my mental health where my mouth is. I\'ve assembled some of the best and brightest of the Chris Gethard Show regulars to help me take Chicago by storm. My friend and also enemy Steve Waltien is a great comedian and improvisor from Chicago, and he\'s agreed to find the Chicago counterparts to all of the New Yorkers rolling in. We\'re going to have each city\'s champions face off in their fields of expertise. The winners get bragging rights that their city is better. The losers get punished and humiliated, live on stage.

<p>Best of all, the shows take place at io! For those that don\'t know their history, the io (formerly ImprovOlympic) gave birth to the UCB. The UCB formed a theater that gave birth to The Chris Gethard Show. So now we get to roll back in like the superior, entitled grandchildren that we are! I can\'t wait. Seriously. Can\'t wait.

<P>Below are the official announcements of who the warriors representing New York in this strenuous two day battle will be:

<p><b>Will Hines</b><br>
Will Hines is a fucking nerd. Nerd, nerd, nerd. You want to know something about computer programming? Will\'s your man. Got any questions about the early days of the Marvel Comics universe? No problem. Indie comics too, bitch. Will knows facts, Will knows pop culture, Will knows sensible modern male urban living fashion. Who you got, Waltien? Who you got that\'s gonna <b>out nerd</b> Will Hines? No one, that\'s who.

<P><b>Don Fanelli</b><br>
Don Fanelli is a God damn frat boy. Frat, boy, frat. You want to shotgun beers? Fanelli will straight up beast you. You want to trade stories about the sexual exploits you pulled off at the age of 19? Done. You want to see some truly masculine body hair? Fuck off. Fanelli ain\'t losing at any of these. Who you got, Waltien? Who you got that\'s gonna <b>out frat boy</b> Don Fanelli? No one, that\'s who.

<p><b>George Kareman</b></br>
George Kareman is relentless <b>man\'s man</b>. Man, Man, Man. You want to see who can do more push ups?  George will put your ass on the floor. You want to see who can pick up women most skillfully?  Yeah, no problem. George is one cool cat, my friends, and trust me, George ain\'t scurred. Who you got, Waltien? Who you got that\'s gonna <b>out man\'s man</b> George Kareman? No one, that\'s who.
We\'ll seeya out there. It\' gonna be the shit. Please spread the word if you are in or have friends in Chicago. Music will be provided by the world\'s best house band, The LLC, and the show will feature, as always, the lovely, the talented, the <b>truly conflicted as a New York resident but Chicago native</b>, Bethany Hall.

<p><b>(Also, I love Chicago, its people, its food, and its comedy. BUT NOT ON THOSE TWO DAYS, I DON\'T.)\"</b>

<p>For tickets and more info, visit the <a href=\"http://www.justforlaughschicago.com/justforlaughschicago/stories/story/0,,252103,00.html\">
Just For Laughs website</a>.

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