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Hello Lonesome Featuring UCBT's Nate Smith Now Playing At Cinema Village

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Nate Smith</a> (Stone Cold Fox) can be seen in the feature film Hello Lonesome now playing at <a href=\"
Cinema Village</a>.

<p>\"With an enchanting mixture of laughter and longing, the worlds of six flawed yet endearing individuals are woven together as they explore those age-old human desires: to love and be loved.

<p>\"Single urbanite Gordon (NATE SMITH) meets Debby (SABRINA LLOYD) online and finds their new relationship put to the ultimate test. A suburban widow (LYNN COHEN) gets much more than she was looking for when she loses her license and leans on her neighbor (JAMES URBANIAK) for support.   And in the country, successful voice-over artist Bill Soap (HARRY CHASE) starts to make amends for being such a lousy father.   Sparkling with wit and humanity, Hello Lonesome is the first feature film from writer/director Adam Reid.\"

<p>Visit the <a href=\"
official site</a> for more info.

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